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Larry McNiff

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My journey started with a film camera, where a lot of time was spent discovering what not to do in photography. It was expensive and the message was clear. Get it right in the camera and create value in each photo! High quality imagery is my focus.

On the personal photography side, capturing beautiful images of individuals, couples and families is very enjoyable and rewarding. Senior portraits and dance photography especially offer creative challenges to show who they are, have become or their skills. Dance photography allows me to show the artistry, dedication and commitment of these young athletes. 

I believe photos should have a purpose to move the viewer or tell a story. That's where the name, Storytelling-Images was conceived. In photos we want others to know about us; who we are, our passions, what we wish to become, what we offer or what we've achieved. Photos with a purpose also resonate with us because of their beauty, uniqueness, passion, lead us down a path or leave us wondering what lies beyond. If I can convey those things in my photos, I've succeeded. 

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