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Through our services Storytelling-Images can help you properly introduce your organization and products to new customers/clients by:


  • Providing high-quality photography, multi-media and slideshows for groups, web/advertising and social media

  • Creating eye-catching imagery that conveys the value of products/solutions

  • Supplying educational tools using photos, slideshows and multi-media videos

  • Visually demonstrating the breadth and quality of your offerings

  • Providing success stories with photos, such as "before and after" examples

  • Working effectively with internal and external marketing/advertising groups


Let our expertise help create powerful visuals that align your communications strategy with your organizational goals.

The above examples show various areas of commercial photography:

  • Products and eCommerce - (the wine bottle, jewelry),

  • Service industry images - (the trainer)

  • Company environments, events or occasions (blue lighthouse and fashion show)

  • Documenting current projects - (the tower lighthouse renovation)

  • Executive portraits and headshots for year end financials, stock prospectus, etc.


Storytelling-Images has years of technical product management, marketing and advertising experience to draw upon. This makes it easier when working with in-house or external advertising and marketing groups.

Commercial projects are quoted based on the scope of the project. Simple projects may be priced at day rates and licensing only. Larger projects may require permits, additional equipment, additional staff, hair/makeup, talent, etc. In those cases, custom quotes can be provided.

To get an idea of how we price our service, press the button below. If you have questions, please visit our contact page and fill out the form or call us directly.

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