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Storytelling-Images is named appropriately because images have to tell the client's story. Before the camera is turned on, it’s important to understand what a successful outcome will be. Close collaboration helps set the stage for clothing selection, makeup (if requested), studio or on location(s), props, lighting and other preparations.


Portraits are a manner of introducing and messaging who we are. Different styles of portraiture fit various personalities, lifestyles, and professions. Musicians and actors, for example, might want to reflect their musical style or actors could show multiple moods to convey their versatility. Often, individuals or families like a more traditional style, while others enjoy casual captures of special moments. 


Storytelling-Images has been fortunate to add Grammy-nominees, Emmy winners, authors, play casts and TV/film actors to its list of clients (in addition to some pretty awesome individuals and families). If you would like to discuss or schedule an individual or family portrait session, please click on “Contact” at the top of this page or call 941 875-5533.

In general, portrait prices start at $175 for a 30-minute, single person session that includes one retouched 10x12 high-quality print.
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